Our nurse-managed team has selected a range of products that can help make any bathroom more accessible and safe.


We keep common challenges like mobility, grip strength, and balance in mind, and choose high-quality products that function well and look good too.

All our products include professional installation.



This simple solution solves the challenge of stepping in and out by turning your bathtub into a walk-in shower.

Standard Bathtub Cut Out

The CleanCut Step turns an existing tub into a safe and accessible step-in shower. The step features an anti-skid surface. 

Available in three sizes.
Available in white or beige.

$895 + HST

The Ultra Low Cut Out

Designed for the higher walls of deeper modern tubs, this specially designed step is custom-fitted and features an anti-slip surface for added safety.

Available in white or beige.

$995 + HST

Convertible Bathtub Cut Out

The perfect option if you or a family member wants the option of a full bath. This water-tight door is easy-to-remove and replaced in seconds. 

Available in white.

$1395 + HST

Anti-Slip Treatment

Add an anti-slip treatment to the floor of your tub for added safety. This translucent grip adheres seamlessly to tub and shower bases. It's easy to clean, and more reliable than a removable rubber mat.

$130 + HST


These clever products are designed to give you confidence and help prevent falls. Select two for support in the shower, and while getting in and out.


Straight Grab Bar

Stainless steel, with a textured surface for extra grip. 

  • Supports 400lbs

  • ADA-compliant

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available in three sizes.

18"— $120 + HST

24"— $130 + HST

36"— $140 + HST

*Minimum booking $200 (two grab bars or one bar + anti-slip treatment)

L-Shaped Grab Bar

The upright portion of this bar is good for balance, while the horizontal part offers support as you move around the shower. 

  • 30" x 30"

  • Supports 500lbs

  • ADA-compliant

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

$195 + HST

Shower Shelf / Grab Bar

This elegantly styled, multifunctional shelf supports people and shower products. 

  • 19.75" rail length

  • Shatterproof tray resists mold and bacteria

  • Supports 500lbs

  • ADA-compliant

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

$395 + HST

Corner Shelf / Grab Bar

Small but mighty, this corner shelf looks stylish and offers balance support. 

  • 8.8" rail length

  • Shatterproof tray resists mold and bacteria

  • Supports 500lbs

  • ADA-compliant

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

$350 + HST

SuperPole with SuperBar

A versatile balance assist that's useful for the shower and the toilet area. It offers a swing-out bar that locks into place for support in front of you.

  • Supports 300lbs

  • Floor to ceiling fits 93" - 99" (extension kits available)

  • Pressure mounted; no screws and easy to move

  • Useful throughout the house

$525 + HST



These additions make your shower look like a spa while making it safe for everyone to use.

Adjustable Shower Head

Created for multiple users, this shower head slides up and down for easy reach from a seated or standing position.

  • Shower head + hand held

  • Adjusts and snaps into place easily.

$275 + HST

Bamboo Shower Bench

A spa-inspired free-standing bench that allows you to stay safely seated while showering. 

  • Walnut finish with a powder-coat grey frame

  • 24w" x 11d" x 19h"

  • Supports 500lbs

  • Sustainable, hypoallergenic

  • Lifetime Warranty

$395 + HST



Make it easier to reach the toilet seat by reducing the effort needed to sit down and stand back up.

Right Height Toilet

Replace your old toilet with a taller one that makes it easier to sit, stand, or transfer to the seat.

  • 16" - 17.5" high (standard is only 15")

  • Round or oval style

$575 + HST

Toilet Base Riser

This simple modification is inserted at the base of the toilet, making it the height of the average fining room chair. It's less visible than temporary alternatives, with no extra cleaning, no adjustments, and you can continue to use your standard toilet seat.

  • 3.5" high

  • Fits round or oval toilets

$525 + HST


We've bundled our most popular products together to save you money. If you’d like to add products to your package, you can do this when you complete the booking form.


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