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Keep your residents happy and comfortable—and attract more—by ensuring retirement and assisted living units are safe and accessible for individual needs.

BuildAble offers accessible renovation service to retirement communities
BuildAble™ can work directly with a resident for individual unit renovations, or look at multiple-unit fit-outs for building managers.

Simple adaptations like tub cuts can be completed in a matter of hours. Conversions from tub to walk-in shower units can be completed in just a few days. Not only will these look great, but they will help prevent falls and keep your residents safe.

Bathtub cut out by BuildAble
BuildAble™ offers bundled discounts for Assisted Living & Retirement Homes.
  • Tub Cut Outs

  • Shower Conversions

  • Grab Bars (Designer or Standard)

  • Right-Height Toilets

  • Anti-Slip Treatments 

See our RapidAccess Services for more info!

Accessible shower with bars designed by BuildAble

Our team is here to help make your retirement community safer.

We help seniors for accessible renovation solutions
"If you want a hassle-free renovation, Buildable is the company to call. Our company has used their services many times to retrofit tubs to promote a safer environment and they have met deadlines and provided an excellent, quality, friendly service. I highly recommend Buildable."
A. Rincon, Thorncliffe Place Retirement Home


Let’s chat about making your retirement community safer. We’re only a phone call away and we promise that real people are on the other end of the line.

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