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How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Home Renovation

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Taking on a large renovation or multiple projects? Check out our 8 tips to reduce stress and prepare for your home renovations!

Elevator Hoistway under construction by BuildAble
Under construction by Buildable: An in-home elevator can make all the difference


Accessible addition & covered deck with integrated ramp under construction
Under construction by Buildable: accessible addition & covered deck with integrated ramp

Okay, full transparency. There’s no such thing as a 100% stress-free reno. Though exciting and ultimately worth it, there’s always some stress that comes along with disruption of your personal space and routine. This is especially true if you have unique mobility and accessibility needs to consider. If you are taking on a large renovation or multiple projects, we’ve put together these tips to make sure your renovations go smoothly & safely!

1. Clear out the work area

Once you've settled on a great contractor (like BuildAble!), and are ready for your team to roll up their sleeves, the first thing you'll want to do is get your space ready. This means protecting your belongings - and making room for your contractor to work. This is also the time to call in any reinforcements you’ll need to help you move, store and organize your stuff. Check in with your point of contact on your renovation team to determine what they will do in the way of job prep, and then decide what support you need to accomplish the rest. Hiring a decluttering or moving service to help you pack can be a great way to get organized and make way for your upcoming reno.

Stuff organized with pack for an upcoming reno
Protecting your belongings and making room for your contractor to work is essential for your upcoming home renovation.

2. Plan your accommodations

Depending on which rooms are being renovated, you may have to make some lifestyle adjustments. If you’re staying home during the reno, ensure your contractor can seal any rooms that are producing excess dust. This will help keep the rest of your house clean and protect you from respiratory issues. If your bathroom is the one under construction, you may have to consider renting a commode or an accessible port-a-potty. Lastly, make sure you’re always able to safely access the entrance & exit of your home. This may mean making arrangements with your contractors to keep the way clear, or renting a temporary ramp.

If it makes more sense to look for temporary accommodations elsewhere, you may want to reach out to a short-term rental agency or an accessible hotel. Be ultra-specific about what you need to in your temporary rental (counter height, accessible bathroom size, transferring space) before you commit to moving into a new place while your home is under construction.

3. Pack the essentials

Whether you’re moving out of your home, or just moving aside in your home, you’ll need your essentials handy for day-to-day stuff. Walk through a typical day in your life and make a checklist of everything you use, including:

  • Clothing, shoes, and work outfits

A man closing a cardboard with a stripe
Pack the essentials to prepare for your home renovation
  • Medications

  • Mobility and Health Equipment

  • Electronics (laptops, chargers, monitors, etc.)

  • Kitchen tools and pantry food

  • Children’s clothing, toys, and school supplies

  • Pet food, bedding, crates, and toys

  • Cleaning and laundry supplies

  • Toiletries

4. Plan for service shut-offs

Outside of the day-to-day, you may wish to plan ahead for any necessary service shut-offs if you're staying at home. Your contractor will give you notice ahead of time, at which point you may need backup power sources for mobility or health equipment. If water will be shut off, you may need a way to set some aside ahead of time so that you can still take care of things like dishwashing, personal hygiene or flushing the toilet.

5. Comfort your pets

It's no secret that our team at BuildAble loves animals! So we know that with new faces and noises, home renovations can be scary for your furry

friends. Make it easier on them by creating a safe place away from the commotion, like an enclosed laundry room or bedroom.

Letting your renovation contractor know about your pet(s) also helps them prepare.
BuildAble loves animals! Our Mulligan, aka our Director of Naps...

Try setting up a crate, bed, and their favourite toys before the renovation starts so they get used to the new space and won’t be as overwhelmed. Letting your contractor know about your pet(s) also helps them prepare. Check out our other article on "How to keep your pets safe and happy during a home renovation" for more tips!

(Photo by BuildAble: Mulligan)

6. Prep your kitchen (and your meals!)

Take the pressure off to cook five-star meals by freezing dishes ahead of time. The first few weeks of a remodel can be extra busy, so spend a few days meal prepping before the reno starts. You’ll thank yourself later for the money you save by eating-in instead of takeout.

However, if you’re moving out, don’t let the food in your fridge go to waste. If the project is scheduled to be a longer duration, remember to clear out any perishable food, freeze what you can, and bring non-perishable items that you’ll need with you.

7. Coordinate with your contractor & caregivers!

If you have care workers, you’ll want to keep them apprised of the renovations plans, of any water or power shutdowns - or ensuring they have the address and access information if you have temporary accommodations planned.

In the weeks leading up to the renovation, keep in touch with your contractor to finalize last-minute details. Sometimes start dates are moved back due to other delayed projects or materials not arriving on time, so plan for a bit of leeway with the time. Lastly, don’t forget to cut and coordinate the exchange of house keys. Depending on your comfort level, you can give your contractor the key directly or use a lockbox at your entrance.

8. Keep your eye on the prize

Throughout the entire renovation, keep reminding yourself of the final result. Whether aesthetic or functional changes, all the planning and financial investment will be well worth the wait when you settle back into your new and improved home. Our team at BuildAble is made up of experienced contractors, carpenters, designers and healthcare providers who believe in making renovations as stress-free as possible.

Contact us if you’re looking for an accessible contractor you can trust—we’re always happy to help!

A woman in a wheelchair loving her dog on the floor of their renovated home for accessibility
All the planning and financial investment will be well worth the wait when you settle back into your new and improved home by BuildAble!



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